Icloud bypass on A5 & A5X using Arduino Uno n windows

Icloud bypass on A5 & A5X using Arduino Uno n windows

 Arduino tools and usb host sheild


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checkm8-a5 A5 Arduino Exploit

A5 FactoryActivation after Sliver 5.5

Guide windows

Factory Activator silver 5.5

Download file :
1. arduino Software link : Arduino - Software
2. Cygwin software link: https://cygwin.com/index.html
3. checkm8-a5-master.zip link : https://github.com/synackuk/checkm8-a5

**** Instruction/Command

1. CYGWIN installation
in package installation sellect :
1. Git package
2. OpenSSH

Arduino installation and Setup using CYGWIN TERMINAL

1. install Arduino software
2. after install open Arduino Software
3. in Arduino Tools menu go to Manage libraries and install USBHost
4. Open Cygwin terminal
5. cd path/to/Arduino/libraries ( c/Users/user/Documents/Arduino/libraries )
6. git clone https://github.com/felis/USB_Host_Shi...
7. cd USB_Host_Shield_2.0
8. git checkout cd87628af4a693eeafe1bf04486cf86ba01d29b8
9. git apply path/to/usb_host_library.patch ( from checkm8-a5 directory path desktop)

Loading checkm8-A5 to Arduino board

1. connect Arduino board to PC
2. in Arduino Menu Tools sellect Arduino uno port and in Board sellect Arduino uno
3. In the Arduino Menu go to file open /checkm8-a5/checkm8-a5.ino
4. Upload checkm8-a5.ino to Arduino board
5. After Done uploading Disconnect Arduino board from PC

Flashing checkm8 A5 from Arduino to A5 deivice

1. put A5 Device in DFU mode and connect to arduino usb Host shiled
2. connect arduino board to PC
3. count 20sec.
4. disconnect device from Arduino usb and disconnect Arduino board from PC

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