Checkra1n trên windows

Checkra1n trên windows

bootra1n: Linux + checkra1n, on USB

Just enough Linux to boot checkra1n on any PC.
You will need:
  • An USB flash drive (at least 512MB or larger)
  • 64-bit or 32-bit AMD or Intel PC
You do not need to install additional software or an OS.

1. Download bootra1n 0.10.2

64-bit: 795e9e80c08bb801c812ab52b5494dec90620ce68f3f5169ad07aaed58176360
32-bit: 3047828469fe8167cd4d0a7fe034caa1ee585f9526599159d283bc49e807a2d8

2. Write bootra1n to USB

Download Rufus, press SELECT, open the ISO file, and press START to flash it to your USB drive.
Tip: You also can burn a DVD in lieu of a flash drive.

3. Reboot and run checkra1n

Reboot your computer and enter your BIOS's boot menu.
  • Select the flash drive, and it should boot into the login prompt
  • Log in as anon, with password voidlinux
  • At the $ prompt, enter sudo checkra1n
Happy jailbreaking!


Quit checkra1n and at prompt type:
  • sudo shutdown -h now to shut down, or
  • sudo shutdown -r now to restart.


Error -71: Use the (USB Safe) option in the boot menu.
Error -77: Remove your passcode before starting the jailbreak, you can set it back once done.
Error -78: Exit checkra1n and double-check you entered sudo checkra1n
Secure Boot Errors: You can disable Secure Boot in your BIOS settings.
USB Errors: Try swapping cables and changing from USB 2.0 (black port) to 3.0 (blue port) and vice versa.
Graphics Errors: Use the (Graphics Safe) option in the boot menu.
ACPI Errors: On the boot menu, select RAM mode, then press TAB and add acpi=off nomodeset to the prompt.


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