HWK update ok

HWK update ok

Chiều nay gập con 1202 bị mã bảo vệ cài jaf crack mở không được nên lôi nbox ra updete thử ok luôn.
AE nhanh tay update thử nhe.
Link trong video nhe AE.

Step 1.
Download the Software from this link.

Step 2.
Extract the Download file and Run (UFSx_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.03.00.07) setup then finish the installation without ticked the run software (unticked the check box and click finish the installation).

Step 3.
Now Connect Your UFS Box and wait a little to install the Driver Automatically.

Step 4.
Now go back to the extracted folder and run (UFS_PANEL_2708) as an Administrator.

Step 5.
Wait until the Popup Message Appear something like (Cannot Find Saver1, Continue Without?) then Simply press (Yes).

Step 6.
Now Press on (Scan Boxes) and wait until appear your UFS Box appear.

Step 7.
Now Press on (Check Box) and wit until check the box and appear message.

Step 8.
Now Press on (Update Box) and wit until The box will update and show the message that
Authentication Successful.
Upgrade client is up-to-date.
Upgrade process completed.

Step 9.
Now Again Repeat the Step 7 and wait to complete the process.
the message will be
None Authorised Copy of Software Detected, Reinstall
Bad TX: AB1D
Failed : 100
Wrong Installation, Try to Use [Install / Auth.] in Software Page.

Also you can noticed in the Box Status it will show the Bad Software or Updated only

Step 10.
Now you have to Click or choose Software Tab (Located in Top Left). and then Click (Install / Auth.)
Once you click (Install / Auth.) The message will appear that.

Paths Updated
Software Authorised

Step 11.
Finally Repeat the (Step 6 and Step 7) then check your Box Status will be True. Now close the Ufs Panel and Copy the Extracted Nokia and Sarasoft Folder in to Drive C:\Program Files\ and Skip the Same folders Copying only.


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